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What is the optimum temperature for an athlon 1 ghz? What is the temperature at which it overheats? My cpu runs around 51 C most of the time. Is this normal?
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  1. most Athlons run warm, that's why every site that reviews them claim the need for a good heatsink/fan setup. the AMD tech paper for the SlotA athlons refer to 70 deg C. as the max temp rating, the tech paper for the SocketA 1000mhz and lower have a max temp of 95 deg C.

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  2. 95C? I think that's when you can think of getting a new system. Yes max could be 90-95, but that would shorten the CPU's life.

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  3. I have a TB 900 running @ 1100MHz at 43°C. The clue is : buy the biggest heatsink you can (I suggest the Global Win FOP32 or the Alpha solution). This helped me to go from an "unstable" system to a "rock solid" system. Oh yeah, some extra fans & blowholes in your system never hurt...

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  4. Mine runs around 48C. However, this is the measurement from the thermistor on the motherboard (ABit KT7-RAID). I don't believe there is an integrated thermistor on the chip like the PIII's. I haven't seen any information on the probable temperature differential between the actual core temp. and the motherboard sensor. My guess is that it could be quite substantial.
  5. Sounds about right to me, I am running an Athlon 800 and idle it's about 46 Celsius and after 30 minutes of Rogue Spear it runs about 49 or 50 Celsius. Well within it's limits as yours is too.
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