AMD Athlon Temperature?

I was wonder what temperature an AMD Athlon 800MHz should run at. I have a friend who recently gained my help to upgrade his system from a K6-2 300. We’re using the Asus A7V motherboard with the second latest BIOS upgrade (version c???).

According to the BIOS, it’s reporting the CPU at 50 degrees Centigrade and the Motherboard at 37 degrees Centigrade. To me that sounds unusually high. Could he be damaging his CPU?
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  1. This is actually pefectly normal for a Socket A CPU. If you check AMD's white papers on their CPUs, they list the max temp. at a staggering 90-95 celsius! Now, while I would be very iffy running anywhere near that temp, anything around 50 celsius should be fine. I've managed to drop my 850MHz oc'd Duron 700 into the low 40s with a good heatsink/fan, and some extra Case/Video Card/Hard Drive cooling.
  2. i've got a simmilar question. i've got a athlon(classic) 550 on an sd11 board(stop laughing at least it's stable). the bios doesn't show me the temp so i use sandra 2k. however, the temp always shows up as 84.2F/29C no matter how long i leave the little bugger running. i wondered if anyone had a suggestion for a prog that might give me a better idea of my temp.
  3. Hey,

    I got mine runni ng between 85F to 95F (its a 750)

    Timothy Stankus
    One of the First AMD Athlon Users =)
  4. I have read on another web site (one dedicated to troubleshooting the A7V) that using the 1004 bios instead of the 1003 bios increases the temp of your cpu anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees C.
    Mine is at 46C right now using 1004.
    I can get it up to 49C while playing Quake3 or Unreal Tournament but I can't get it to go any higher than that.
    There are many fixes in the 1004 bios series that you may find more important than the lower temp.
    Maybe one day Asus will have enough brains to apply the fixes to a new bios that keeps the temperature low at the same time.
  5. I also have a little question about the high athlon temperatures. Are they any less stable a platform than a cooler intel chip, or are they built to be stable at these higher temperatures? thx.
  6. I'm planning on building a new system. I'm looking at the Duron 700/750 as I want performance, but need a low budget. What kind of heatsink/fan would be best? I'm also considering the Abit KT7 motherboard...
  7. Get the KT7 raid, slap on two small 7200rpm drive together, and you will FLY. (if you don't have the budget to get 2drive now, just get one, you always have the option to get another drive and raid them LATER)

    also, might want to look into Duron 600/650. if you are going to OC you chip, don't think the D700 will hit anyhigher than D600/650. the D600/650 are hitting easily to 950 and 1.05Ghz. SAVE some money go get a geforce GTS ddr.

    for the best HSF, hedghog w/ Delta 38cfm(none better, but the Delta are loud as hell, not recomended)VERY PRICY.

    for best performance/value, I say go for an Alpha with YS-tech Fan, it's good and quiet, the difference around a 4-5C from Hedgehog/Delta HSF.

    then sit back relax and enjoy your kick ass machine.
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