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Is 250 watts enough power for a system with an 800mhz AMD processor and if not what sort of problems can I expect?
I am helping a friend put together a system and am woried that the powersupply that came with his case is insufficent.

Also is there anyway to add up the power requirements of a system to calculate the needed wattage?
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  1. If you are using a graphics card like geforce as well as peripherals like cd burners, 2 or more hd and other stuff as well as overclocking yur cpu with extra fans then i reckon at least 300 watts. The more juice u have the better the stability of the system. Again there are 300 watts and 300 watts ( real or puny supplies) there is a formula for calculating power requirements but they are usually static rather than dynamic calcs so may have no bearing under real loads
  2. 250w for an athlon will go quick. Definately check out a 300-400w power supply, especially if u plan to use it as a server with many drives.
  3. Going with a power supply from the AMD website list is probably the safest bet. Shortcuts and cheap components end up being far more aggravating and costly in the long run than getting the right stuff to begin with.
  4. I suggest you check your power supply with the ones on this
    page :<A HREF="http://www1.amd.com/athlon/power" target="_new">http://www1.amd.com/athlon/power</A>
    I must say, I own a TB 900@1100~1.8v and this thing EATS current. My PSU is 300W is getting HOT after a few hours, so even 300W is not exagerrated...

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  5. I have tons of stuff in my case and even 300W scares me. I think you should go for 300W not only for stability but also future expansions. If I could remember correctly the 800MHz horse uses 40W or so, with 7200rpm hdd + graphics + fans + cdroms + ram they could easily take 200W. I think the formula is like 65% of the PSU total output... common sense tells you you shouldn't go >250W when your PSU is 300W right?

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  6. Thanks, thats pretty much what I thought. I will try to convinve my friend toss the supply that came with the case and buy a new one.
  7. just for arguments sake... here are my system specs:
    thunderbird 900 @1000 (10x100) w/chrome orb (need a different one)
    epox ep-8kta+ mobo
    3x128meg micron pc133 (384meg total)
    leadtek winfast geforce2 gts
    sound blaster live mp3+
    cheap ethernet card
    pioneer 16x dvd (dvd-115ga)
    plextor 12x/10x/32x
    30gig quantum lm 7200rpm (master)
    40gig western digital 7200rpm ata/100 (slave)
    additional fan at the bottom front
    hard drive bay fan

    all this with a 250 watt power supply! so, it can be done without any problems!!! don't bash me, i plan on getting a sparkle 300 or higher when i have the cash :)
  8. You didn't mention the most important part of your computer spec for this 'argument sake'. The brand of the PSU? Maybe you paid for 50$ for the PSU and you don't know it. Must be a good one.

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  9. Just a thought. At computer123.com I ordered a Enermax EG351P-VE for $42.00 (330 watts, 2 fans) and the sent me the EG451P-VE (430 watts, 2 fans) for the sane $42.00. The same might happen for you???
    Just a thought
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