Acer aspire or toshiba satallite?

so, now i am actually ready to buy a laptop. office max has a acer core i3 machine for 479 bucks, and starting tomorrow office max is offering a toshiba for 550, also core i3 but with more storage. which should i get, both brand are ok, save acer for slighter cheaper frame. I personally like toshibas, but is the more expensive price worth it?|categoryId~10004^categoryName~Technology^parentCategoryID~category_root^prodPage~25^region~1@fn48rqvt|categoryId~283^categoryName~Computers^parentCategoryID~cat_10004^prodPage~25^region~1^refine~1@8c41hh25|prodPage~15^refine~1^region~1^categoryName~Laptop+Computers+and+Tablet+PCs^categoryId~325^parentCategoryID~cat_283@ii10vfct|refineName~Brand^prodPage~15^refine~1^sub_attr_name~1^region~1^refineValue~Acer

also, a thinkpad, same specs for 550, but not sure if i want a business model, but i heard thinkpads are durable, and it has a cool trackpoint
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  1. i repair less toshibas especially for hardware faults - does that help?
  2. acer is out, lol
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