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Hi I own a Dell 1555 and not by choice. Long story short I managed to spend $300 to get a Dell 1555 fixed for my girlfriend and managed to "score" a free Dell 1555.. well not free... really it cost me $300. Anyways, the laptop is a piece of ****. It has been since day 1. I've owned it for 6 months now. Within the first 3 months I started getting messages during start up that the adapter that clearly is labeled dell and does provide charge to the laptop was unrecognized. I didn't think anything of it cause it was charging just fine like i said. 5 months in and the battery no longer takes charges. I would plug the laptop in and during boot the laptop would say that it not only didn't recognize the charger but the battery is also dead and no longer would charge. So I could only use the laptop plugged in for this last month. I decided that I would replace the battery, but my concern was that if i replace it the adapter may be faulty and damage the new battery. That was my only guess for why the first battery had died. So my sister gave me her spare universal rocketfish 90w adapter... i looked up the adapter tip type that worked with the dell 1555. I hooked it up and the computer powered normally, it no longer said the adapter was unrecognized, however the battery was still dead and didn't take charge. So I shut it down, and later today I plug it in with the same tip, same rocketfish adapter and there is no display. The computer light turns on the battery light flashes (indicating its powered but not charging or soemthing) but the screen is black. I plug the laptop into the old adapter and the same thing.. black screen.

My question is: Can powering and using your laptop for month without a working battery damage your laptop? Does the blank screen signify any specific source of damage? Is this repairable? Is it worth still purchasing a new battery? My concern is that I'll buy a battery, the laptop still doesn't work because of some further damage, and I'm out a laptop and 80 bucks.
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  1. Does anyone know if my laptop is permanently damaged? Or if it's just not turning on because the battery is dead?
  2. no ideas?
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