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Is it worth calling up acer to repair this monitor?

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
March 14, 2012 3:09:58 AM

So I just got back my acer 3d monitor from their repair center. I mounted it back on my wall mount and first thing i noticed when i turned it on was that the left half of the screen had a bunch of red hair sized lines running up and down the screen. These lines skamper left and right across the left half of the monitor, and ive seen this happen on very old lcd monitors i had. Durring this my computer was off but everything was plugged into my monitor, dual link dvi that came with the monitor, along with another monitors power cord. Other than that the monitor is working perfectly fine so far, but i havent tried running BF3 yet.

What exactly causes this problem, does anyone know? What could be the reason for it happening to only half of my screen? Just to be sure, the cables used to power most monitors are standardized right? Ive never had a problem using old and new versions of those cords across every monitor ive ever owned.

The reason i sent it in for service was because it was not responding to any of the inputs available. They didnt tell me what they repaired as usual. So im wondering if this is a common little issue that i shouldnt worry about, or if this will eventually lead to the death of my monitor in a short period of time? I feel like i just bought these even tho it was back in august, but man did that burn a hole in my pocket, and i cant afford another one among all the other things i need money for atm.

Any tips, info, opinions are appreciated.
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March 14, 2012 12:46:45 PM

if you see this problem in everything, Consoles, Dvd,Etc, it is really a screen problem, but it could also be a graphics card, problem.

but i've already seen some video on youtube with this problems on acer screens, (red vertical lines on one side of the screen) it looks like a common acer 3d screen problem, if you are sure it is not your video card (test with another videocard or with inboard video card) than of course you should return it for repairs.
March 15, 2012 2:15:19 AM

:(  i just got it back.... /sigh now i dont like acer.... not like already knew they made some pretty bad laptops lol

i just didnt think their tech support was as bad as dell, get something sent in for a fix and get it back with another problem that requires you to send it in... by the time the problem is fixed my warranty is usually up and the product breaks within months lol