Lenovo vs. Asus

Hi guys,

Im thinking between buying 2 Lenovo y560 models and ASUS G60JX. The specs are:

i7 720QM / i5 450M
ATI HD 5730
4GB ram
Price: 859 Euro / 729 Euro

i5 430M
Geforce GTS 360M
4 GB ram
Win 7
Price: 929 Euro

I will use the PC for gaming so Im wondering if the CPU will make a big difference between the two Lenovo models and if its better to go for a better CPU (Lenovo) or a better GPU (ASUS).
I am also wondering if the obvious price advantage of Lenovo comes at a cost in terms of quality..

Any opinion would be more than welcome guys, thanks in advance!
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Almost all games are GPU limited,so go with the second one.
    GT 360M is significantly faster than 5730M.
  2. Thanks Maziar!

    By the second one, do you mean the i5 Y560 or the ASUS?

    If I add the Win 7, the difference in prices is 130 Euro (ASUS is 18% more expensive) - is the GPU performance difference worth it?

    Also, can the brands be compared in terms of quality?
    I owned an ASUS for 28 months before it died (and it went through everything - gaming, CS4, Sony Vegas..) and I was quite satisfied, but I've never owned a Lenovo.
  3. I meant the ASUS one.
    Yes the GPU performance is worth the extra price IMO.
    And both Lenovo and ASUS are great brands and make good laptops.
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