Celeron 600 or Duron 600 ????

Hi, i just want to buy a new proc. I have a 366 Cel, o/c in 550, rock stable. In tests, it performs better than Cel2 600. The question is: should I buy a Cel 600 and o/c it to 900, or buy a new mb with Duron600? How far do they go? Which is more overclockable? I want to get the powerfull sistem for my money. Please answer with your results in o/c.
And remember that my BX is cheaper than a new KT board. Please don't recommend PIII or Athlon/tbird - not the case
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  1. i used sl3w8, pack date 04-sept-2000, cBo stepping c600.
    run @900Mhz-1.65V, very hot 49deg
    (max 927-1.7V, 51deg!), with default fan.

    my friend brought the later batch, SL4NX, cCo step, default voltage 1.7v, easily hit 900Mhz-35deg cool, but some how cannot go higher

    but, with a pencil to work on a duron you may reach 9++Mhz, plus new mabo of course, the performance can be very much better.
  2. Go for the Celeron! It may be 15% slower BUT it's an easy and CHEAP upgrade compared to the Duron. Remember that if you go for the Duron you must not only get a new mainboard but if you are unlucky you might need new ram and a new powersupply. Then you will en up paying maybe 2 or 3 times more for a measly 15% premium in performance. Then a p3 850 would be a much better alternative. So the celeron 2 is definitely better value! I got myself one from overclockers uk. Runs fine at 950 mhz with a golden orb.

  3. Hi!

    A Duron for my taste is the way to go. it's rather easy to overclock and after the purchase of the new board you can effortlessly upgrade to an athlon for more bang. Yes it's a bit more expensive but in the long run you win! I run a 650 and overclocked it to 1GHZ with the help of Tom's how to guide on a A7V (ASUS). I must say i'm VERY satisifed with the result.

    Have Fun!
  4. Does your motherboard support o/c to 900?

    Remember Celerons are stuck at 66 MHz FSB, while Durons run at 200 MHz and support much faster PC133.

    From pricewatch.com:

    Processors -
    AMD Duron 600: (including their outrageous shipping)
    Intel Celeron 600

    Motherboards -
    ASUS A7V (Duron, -highly- recommended! 5 PCI slots, 4x AGP, up to 1.5 GB of PC100 or PC133 SDRAM):
    ASUS P3V-133 (Celeron):

    That brings us to (assuming you need to upgrade your Celeron board) -

    AMD - $197
    Celeron - $191

    That's only a $6 difference ... remember, the Duron outperforms a same-freq Celeron on just about everything (especially 3D games), and in fact the Duron gets close to full blown PIII performance on a lot of things, mainly thanks to its cache and 200 MHz FSB vs. Celeron's 66. Though, of course, if your board supports 600 MHz Celeron and good overclocking over that, you wouldn't need a new Celeron board.
  5. Hey,

    Duron 600. Faster, more stable, and more oc'able.

    Timothy Stankus
    One of the First AMD Athlon Users =)
  6. So, until now, I know that Cel600 reaches 900 and more, while Duron600 reaches 900 at most, plus the necesity to change the mobo, eventually the memory and powersource. Why to change the memory? I have an 128Mb PC100 :)
  7. I would prefer the duron but if you don't need a new MB maybe the Celeron is best for you ...but if you can afford it choose the duron

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