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Blue Screen, Freezing, Slow, Skype Acting Up...

December 29, 2012 9:22:07 AM

Alright, so I've got a problem. I'm new around these parts and things are getting dicey and frustrating for me. I'm running a Toshiba satellite lap top, I've had it for about a year now, an older model that I got around last Christmas actually. I use it primarily to video-chat with my fiance for a few hours in the evening over Skype and for my work, graphics artist, running Illustrator and Photoshop, both the latest versions.

I've had a few problems with it before, I think that I mistook them for a virus though. I had reformatted it before back to factory standards, but now the problems seem to be back. I thought that they were simply the laptop over heating, but I get them even when I'm using a lap fan, so I doubt that is the problem really.

What the issue is, it keeps seizing up randomly - largely while I'm running Skype, but that is usually when I'm on the computer. I can often tell that its
going to because Skype won't let me access the control panel video chat interface while I'm in it. Then the person that I'm talking to, their feed will die so that I can't see them at all, freezing in place, but they can still hear and see me just fine. I've noticed that while its doing this, I'll also loose control of the task bar, so I can't control the volume or access the start menu.

I've also had roughly four blue screens that I can remember, generally while I'm Skyping - this is what made me believe that it was graphics card or driver

Sometimes the whole computer will seize up - through and through - but generally it will only last for a few moments before coming back, then seizing up for a few more minutes - then back for a few hours before problems return. Freezing to the point on occasion that num-lock has frozen as well. I've dealt with these problems a great deal before, but generally they only were for a few moments after I started the computer - now they're not when I start it up, that is usually when it works best, but they start coming on after about an hour or so. Running multiple programs can be a problem for it, it will start to run slightly slower.

I do have the latest drivers for my computer I believe. But what I'm thinking and maybe some of you guys would know better, could it be something to do with power allotment or perhaps the GPU? I was also told that it might be tempuratures. I've got Speccy running right now and I'm looking at about 50-56c for the Motherboard and about 36-38c for the Hard Drive.

I'd rather resolve this at home, but if I have to take it to someone, I will.

Just let me know what you guys think and what might help. Many thanks in advance!