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  1. I'd get the abit kt7-raid or wait for this bad boy!

  2. .. Nice system, will you be OC'ing?
  3. Pretty cool system! But i have some comments, though:
    As one already have suggested, i would try to get som VCM-sdram instead. (Lower latencies, small pricedifference.) If you have some spare-money, i would definetly go SCSI! It's hardcore! If you have a LOT of money, i think you should go with a small and a big SCSI harddisk. (The "small"(20+ GB) with a low seektime, and a big one (75+GB) for extreeme storage) And personally I HATE floppydrives! That's why I would go with a LS-120 drive instead. It's a IDE drive.
    Have fun!
  4. AMD and dream system should not be used in same sentance.
  5. an AMD dream system would whip even a P4 Dream system

  6. Instead of getting a Sony, I recommentd a NEC MultiSync FE950 or ADI MicroScan G910. (both offer resolutions up to 1792x1344 the ADI @ 75Hz) Iiyama also make good monitors such as the Vision Master Pro 450. The NEC would not be a good monitor to go for if you plan to use very high resolutions a lot (ie 1600x1200 and above)
  7. I'd go Abit KT7-RAID also, I've had a very good experience with their RAID, and the Promise ones I've had several say they've fail and rebuild over and over. Throw the drive in another system no problems.. and going on 6 months still no problems..
    Also, I'd ditch the 19" monitor scene and go for a Trinitron 21", either the KDS or an actual Sony.
    The prices you have are probably a bit out of date, but I'd guess you would like to know the system I just bought since it's quite similar.
    Everything from except the processor / heat sink
    AMD 1.2GHZ Tbird $285(yes, $285 @
    Cooler Master DP5-6H11 $20 (had to buy at altima2000 to extend CPU warranty from 30 days to 1yr.)
    2x256MB PC150 C3 SDRAM (I opted for PC150 over C2) $173 ea.
    Abit KT7-RAID $149
    2xIBM 45GB 7200rpm HDD $163 ea.
    SB Live Platinum retail $169
    Toshiba 16X DVDROM $105
    250MB IDE Internal Zip $79
    Total without monitor / speakers $1,918
    Since I already have a 21" Trintron I'll keep it
    If I were buying a new monitor and worried about price I'd get the KDS 21"/20V AV-21TF .24 1600X1200 85HZ FD TRINITRON
    for $745
    if I wasn't worried about price I'd get the
    SONY 24"/22.5V GDMFW900 .23 2304X1440 80HZ FD TRINITRON OSD
    I already have a 8x4x32 Plextor CDRW which I'll throw in,
    but if I needed a new one I'd get the Plextor 12x8xwhatever it is now.

    next I need to decide which 5.1 speakers to go for.....
  8. that's the monitor I'm aiming at getting next year. It's like 95lb!
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