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  1. if the p4 hits 2 in january, in quantity, stable, and less than 2x the cost of a 1GHz athlon i will pull my athlon off my board (while running), smear bbq sauce on it and eat it. if you can afford a p4 and are willing to spend the money, more power to you. but when the sledgehammer comes out i'll be laughing at you.

    p.s. someone save this and e-mail it to me when the p4's hit the market.
  2. Even if P-4 hits 2 GHz in Jan. AMD will have 1.6 Athlon ready. They are already testing it! Intel is finished!
  3. If you have read any reviews, a 1.6ghz Athlon beats the P4 2ghz.
  4. SoulReaper can u give any links?
  5. Two options:
    1) Intel 2GHz @ $1500 <b>OR</b>
    2) AMD 1.6GHz @ $500

    2/1.6 = 1.25, 1500 / 500 = 3;
    3/1.25 = 2.4. <-- <b>TOO HIGH!</b>

    And 1.6GHz AMD is the same performer as 2GHz Intel. And even if Intel could play price war with AMD and lower the 2GHz to $500, how much money could it be loosing?

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  6. see this is stupidiy with a cause. but still all you guys complain about spam nowadays they had dumberthings with the good and mind provoking enthuasists back then too. its basically an olderversion of FX-62 vs Conroe
  7. There's really no point in this as, if you take another look, you'll see there are just as many AMD fanboys then as there are now. Are you not going to go over to your best friends house just because he chooses to use Intel? I think not. If you said yes to that, you don't belong on this Earth. :tongue:
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