Why cant i get signal from laptop to tv

I was able to watch netflix instanly on tv from laptop, now screen on tv says no signal. I checked hdmi cable all ok what or where do i go now
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  2. Most likely because you are outputting at an unsupported resolution.

    make sure the output res is compatible with your TV, the most likely to work being 1366x768.
  3. I clicked on the graphics accelerator icon in my task bar, went to properties, and changed the settings on the display to "clone". It worked. I'm not much on computers and fixing them but as of right now it worked. I was watching Netflix fo about a week and al the sudden i started getting "no signal" on TV I tried eveything. This was very simple to do because I did it. lol. My laptop has " Intel R Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile" That's what I right clicked on then made the change.Hope this helps and I hope it fixed my problem.
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