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I dont like Intel either and everytime i see AMD come out on top, its nice. But the way you have aggressively put down Intel for some time now it is becoming apparent that your opinions and subjectivity is questionable. I no longer take ALL your reviews as seriously anymore because of this and i am sure other readers of this once extremely unbiased site, feel the same.

Food for thought. Be fair and honest and maybe at times keep your personal feeling as persoanl feelings.
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  1. ok, i'm an amd enthusiast and unless they start making reverse engineered celerons i always will be so take this with however much salt you can stand.

    i'm a daily toms reader and i don't think they have ever put down intel without good reason. unreasonable prices, recals, business deals, shal i continue? perhaps i missed an article but could you point me to a url where toms site has ever not been "fair and honest" to intel?

    i think i prefered "stranger" to this "newbie" status stuff....
  2. I am not agree with you. Not only Tom's reviews but others also prove this fact that AMD is getting higher scores than Intel. Try other hardware reviews sites.
  3. Hey,

    I'm sorry you feel this way. You have to understand I've never tried to hide the fact I love AMD over Intel. For the last Few years AMD has been on the bottom, and Intel was making nice processors. With the PIII nothing major changed, and they have been producing more expensive processors with less performance enhancments. AMD has held fast and been able to beat Intel in price/performance. With Intels brutal attack on Dr. Pabst I had enough. I was always objective when it comes to hardware. I was never "brand" loyal. Now I am. I have seen how Intel plays ball, and It makes me sick. I'm not saying I'll never buy an Intel again. (I will if they have a better processor) Thats why I am the way I am. At least you know now, so If you want advice on an AMD you can come to me. (I'm pretty knowledgeable on them)

    Timothy Stankus
    One of the First AMD Athlon Users =)
  4. Do you think AMD would play any nicer then Intel if they had the ksame market share that Intel holds? Don;t love AMD jsut because they are the underdog and Intel is the 800 pound gorilla. AMD would conduct busniess in exactly the same arrogant pushy manner that Intel does if they had the same grip ont eh PC market that Intel has. It is all about big business... A company does not get to the level and size that Intel is at without stepping on a lot of smaller companies and throwing their weight around in the industry. Brand loyalty is dumb. Stick to the facts when deciding what CPU to buy. If you wnat the best performance then AMD is what you buy right now. If you are looking to build a budget computer, then Intel is what youu buy right now (socket A motherboards are too expensive right now and don't offer the integrated features of an i815e motherboard).

    ** Nothing In Spec Inside
  5. Hey,

    I don't route for them because they are the underdog. I know if AMD ever gets to Intels stage they will have to stomp competition out. You talk about brand loyalty, If there weren't any Intel wouldn't be weher they are. I will always give the better processor a try but I am AMD loyal. I have never had a problem with them, as Im sure there are the Intel loyals.

    Timothy Stankus
    One of the First AMD Athlon Users =)
  6. > If you are looking to build a budget computer, then
    > Intel is what youu buy right now (socket A motherboards > are too expensive right now ...

    I'm afraid I have to disagree with you on the "budget" side. As listed on, 1Ghz Athlon+MB+Fan systems range from $342-$607 while 1Ghz Intel+MB+Fan systems range from $547-$820.

    As far as brand-loyalty is concerned, I for one hope that AMD and Intel continue to compete with one another for the fastest/cheapest/best processor. So long as one is concerned with the other, there is an incentive to make a better product. Perhaps Intel's problems can be traced to a lack of drive since they had been #1 for so long.

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  7. I'm pretty sure that by 'budget' Outlaw98 meant low end systems, not 1GHz systems. Take a cheap Celeron, toss it into an i815 motherboard with on-board graphics and on-board sound and you have a system ready to go for really cheap.

    Sure, the Duron chip itself might be cheaper, but without having motherboards for it that offer integrated video and sound, then you'll rise that price up again by buying a video card and a sound card.

    - Anything can be fixed with duct tape, a swiss army knife, and WD-40. :)
  8. Oops, sorry. I was brain-dead for a bit it seems. Even on the low end (Duron vs Celeron) AMD's Motherboard+CPU combos are cheaper. Granted, the i815 has embedded sound and video, but even with the addition of sound and video cards of equivalent value, IMHO the price/performance for the AMD system is still lower.

    Close this world, open the next.
  9. Don't misread me.. the people who buy Intel and refuse to consider AMD becasue AMD systems do not have the "Intel inside" logo are just as foolish. There is no universal answer to the wuestion "Should I buy Intel or AMD?" because there are situations and needs that require both processors. For every situation that is better served by an Intel processor there is another situation that is better served by an AMD processor.

    ** Nothing In Spec Inside
  10. On Price / Performance the AMD systems are on top at every speed grade right now but my point still stands. For under $500 you can put together an entire Celeron system using an i815 motherboard with on-board graphics and sound AND a 17" monitor. Is it a 1Ghz gaming machine? No. Is it more then sufficient for use in an office to use MS Office and access a corporate network? Yes. Can you build an equivalent low end Duron system for the same price? No. Thats what I mean by sugegsting that Celeorn / i815 is the best choice for a budget system.

    ** Nothing In Spec Inside
  11. Personally i think intel is gunna be hurting this year. With the release of the P4, AMD might be getting the break it needs. 5 years from now you might be laughing when u hear intel like everyone did 5 years ago at AMD. Good luck AMD.
  12. Actually, you can build a Duron-based system with a 17" monitor for under $500. If you want I can post the price quotes I got to back this up.
  13. I think it is true - if AMD play Intel then things will be the same for Intel. But personally, I choose chips which make sense to me. Having one system so much more expensive with somewhat same performance compared to a cheaper system, I think I'll go for the cheaper solution. If Intel dies out (!!) and AMD dominates the market AND erm, <i>VIA</i> Cyrix developes much better chips, I'll go for VIA. I don't care about brands.

    Smart guys are not smart; they only see things in different perspective.
    1st <b>ENTHUSIAST</b>!
  14. Omg slvr_phoenix ur one old Fixture to this fourm, this is like one of the oldest Topic i could find and you still have a post.z lol sorry for bringing these old posts back just wanted to reply to some of the old AMD vs Intel Posts we have now, Now these Post's have some intelligent conversations gonig on. well better than the ones nowadays.
  15. If you have both amd and intel then does it make you a bias?
  16. whoever complains/argues about benchmark facts is retarded. intel gets pounded in everything but productivity, live with it. i buy whatever has the performance edge (and best deal) and right now that is absolutely amd considering prescotts are more expensive to overclock although i will definately look into it and possibly go to 5.0 or so ghz on water as 90nm soi definately has cold issues.
  17. Bottom line is years ago, Intel marketed their products well. They were practically in every machine that was built. Now, the tables have turned (almost 50% anyway) and AMD is gaining ground on Intel. From a marketing standpoint, Intel is still very strong because they can meet supply and demand largely due to thier multiple factories and support. AMD does not have this luxury.

    I for one have said many times in these forums, that a decision to buy a processor should not solely be based in reviews by others, biased or unbiased testing and benchmarks or otherwise. They should be based on real world testing and every day use.

    I have the luxury of building multiple machines for my own use, testing and comparing. There is simply nothing better than being able to take an Intel machine and compare it to an AMD machine. I for one can see differences between the two but for the most part, its very subtle. My Intel prescott machine performs just as well if not better than my X2-3800 machine in most areas. As far as heat index goes, there is none. I'll post a link to show my prescott specs including temps.

    Toms hardware as well as others have reported that AMD always perform better in gaming and other areas. Those benchmarks don't mean anything to me and apparently to alot of others as I've read in several forums that they seem biased. There are simply too many factors involved such as the boards chipset. You can have the fastest processor in the world, if the chipset can't move the info from point A to point B as fast, the processor is rendered useless IMO. Yes there are processor specific applications but in some way or another, the board is involved. We also have to remember that in those tests even the ones conducted by Toms, that AMD did not win every category.

    In conclusion AMD and Intel both make very good processors. Its all about choices. AMD is gaining ground and that makes me happy because the testing is more equal with the machines on my bench. All I can say is, to each his or her own. As far as Intel, they're not down and out, they're just preparing to take the ball back from AMD.

    Prescott Specs and Temps
  18. LOl, Wusy Did you even look at when Machow posted this Reply b?
    Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2000 2:22 am
    lol, wow even a THG Honorary Guru!! OMG!! like you didn't see the fact that it was last posted or even replyed to back in November 2000.
  19. Lol, thanks "Prozac" do you really need it? Yeha, He got really exited about it, so i just took a look at who 'Machow' is and saw it was posted in (the Ides of November) and just took a Sniper Shot at em and Lol. It hit "Head Shot!"

    Wow Prozac Your Computer Specs are almost as Pathetic as mine!

    Mine is

    AMD Athlon 1600+[{Maybe? Hacked to act as a 1700+}]CPU (Overclocked at 1662.7Mhz, 133 X 12.5)

    256 MB PC333 RAM
    Nvidia Geforce2 MX 200/400 32 Mb Overclocked to 210/215
    Samsung 40gb HDD EIDE
  20. Hey Wusy! Just wanted to give you this message i found on the 3rd Last Post Machow Wrote i just got it from a one called
    "about THAT amd korea"
    in his Post history it's just below the ones you replyed to it goes almost like this just edited it to make it seem more dramatic.

    Hi. It's been a long time since I visited here but... a private message from someone brought me back here.

    I've been around this forum ever since it first started
    (I believe i'm the the first one or atleast one of the first 100 members),

    and it was fun in the beginning. But then somehow it has evolved to a a lot of people either trying to increase post count, relieve their frustration, or something else. That's why I've left the community for something more useful.

    I'm not going to write more about this community here. Thanks for all the beginning months .

    And it's a sad reason to leave because he should know that with progress comes bad but the Diamond and gold remain, And he should'nt have left because of us. His post's were very soughtafter and useful to Enthusiasts and Newbees like us. And it's not about the Post Count, I have just realised now that i should just Post threads and posts if it's a really important or a very conterversial hot topic and i will reply to most of the posts i can and be intelligent and passionate about something that should be cleared up
  21. Quote:
    Omg slvr_phoenix ur one old Fixture to this fourm, this is like one of the oldest Topic i could find and you still have a post.
    :lol: :lol: :lol: Yeah, I've been here for a while. I'm a rusted old leaky faucet. :wink:

    I'm sure that if you looked hard enough you could find a post from before I got here though. Well, actually, I'm not entirely sure because when the forumz switch happened I seem to have lost some posts, but I'm pretty sure.

    lol sorry for bringing these old posts back just wanted to reply to some of the old AMD vs Intel Posts we have now, Now these Post's have some intelligent conversations gonig on. well better than the ones nowadays.
    I think a lot of that is because years and years ago THG was a site for enthusiasts. The main site attracted a lot of very knowledgable people to the forum. But as it's technical quality began to decline (some could list a few other reasons too) there were several good members that left. It's been pretty sad. That's why it's so crushing to see wusy get excited about someone coming back when they actually haven't. We've lost a lot of good people, and I'd dare say that most of the grizzled old THGC veterans still around really miss those old days and those good people.

    Not that the new people aren't bad, mind you. :) It's just different. The atmosphere has really been set by the members, and, well, you'd have to be pretty blind not to notice how much things have changed when you compare the old posts to the new ones. :lol:
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