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My windows 7 PC says its not genuine, when it really is

My windows 7 computer has been working perfectly up until one day, when I turned it on. I noticed on the bottom right corner of the screen, it says:

Windows 7
Build 7601
This copy of Windows is not genuine

I thought It might have been a glitch, so I just ran an update and restarted my computer. But while it was updating, it says "Configuring Windows Service Pack 1". I never did anything to the service pack! I know about KSND keys ( and I might have one ), but I think my computer is hacked. When it restarted, I logged in and the background was black. There was only one window, and it says:

Windows 7 is not Genuine.

>> Buy Windows now

>> Continue without buying Windows

I clicked continue, and everything started to load up normally. I replaced the background back to the original. But out of nowhere, google chrome opened up and lead me to a "Windwows genuine page". Here is the link: ( It is probably shortened ).

I do not reccomend visiting the site, because I know it's a fake. It says to download a program to help solve the problem. I didn't click the download button. Instead, I just copied the URL and closed the Window. I restarted my computer. I noticed 2 things:

1) On the bottom right corner, instead of saying "Windows 7 Build 7601", it says "Windows 7 Build 7600".

2) The Window that opens ( the one that says its not genuine and to buy now ), on the bottom left, it has a little code: 0xC004C4A2. But when looked at the fake Microsoft link, I realised that that code is a part of the URL. In the shortened part of th URL, it says this:


This just gives me the feeling that I'm being hacked.

Even though it says it's not genuine, I can still use my computer normally.
So I'm guessing my computer is hacked. I do not want to re-install Windows, and I am certainly not good with coding. :(

If someone thinks it's a MSDN key, I put the 3 digit part from my product Id that shows wether its MSDN key ot not: 918. If it is, is my only option re-installing Windows? ( I don't want to change the product key alone, because I think it can be hacked again ).
The key was probably used multiple times, and it might have been black-listed.
I tried to put in a bunch of codes in the command prompt that were on other forums, and it didn't work.

I even tried to use windows restore, and when it finished, NOTHING CHANGED. I set it to the day before I noticed the "not genuine" message. But it was still EXACTLY THE SAME. The files were the same. I had transfered a file from my USB onto my computer ( I did this the day it happened ). It should have been deleted, but it wasn't.

Now, I have an update for my computer, but do I take a chance? Last time I updated, it configured the service pack. I am starting to get scared. I transferred all of my important files to my USB, but I do not want to take any risks.

I know this is a long story, but can someone please help me?

By the way, I got the computer pre-owned. It was an extra computer from a buissness. I got it for free, because I knew the guy who works there.
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    The link you provided is not a fake. You have not been hacked. Given the lack of detail, my best guess is that it's a blacklisted key, one of the many available activation hacks was applied, or it's an Enterprise version that can no longer check in with the VLK server. Your only option is to purchase a legal copy.
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