Modded graphics drivers for intergrated chipsets (965)

Hi, I have an inpsiron 1525 laptop with intergrated (intel mobile chipset family 965) and I was wondering if I could use one of the modded graphics performance here I assume the drivers just force the chipset to work harder or maybe overclock automatically somehow, I don't know.

I don't know if the drivers will be compatible with my chipset: Windows Vista/7 - Alpha 1 for 945 and 965, Windows Vista/7 - Sigma 1 for 965. (I have vista 32 bit). The reason is my chipset is the mobile form and these are most likely developed for desktops, such as the dell inspiron budget desktops, I think there may be differences of infastructure and how the thing generally works. For example gpus' different bases like the new Barts for the 68xx and the nvidia fermis, but probably not that much difference at all. I would possibly have incompatibility with the sleep mode of closing the laptop and the drivers my crash or just not work.
Could someone just tell me what problems I would have (if any) because I once changed my audio drivers so it supported stereo mix and when I closed my laptop the sound went all jumpy, but that was all. I also have my display drivers very occasionally saying they're not responding and not being able to play 3d games until restarting, which is a fairly common among these to my knowledge.
Also which is more effective? If you know.

Thanks in advance
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  1. BUMP...
  2. Seriously please tell me if I could use the regular 965 driver for my mobile 965, And I assume it would be better to get the non mobile version driver of the same chipset instead of a mobile version of a similar chipset driver..?
  3. Please! Someone tell me if these are a good idea and if I should get a netbook compatible (i'm using an inspiron 1525) 945 drivers, even though i have a 965, or just go for the 965 drivers??
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