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Hello, I am just getting done with college and have a lot of knowledge and experience with hardware and software troubleshooting in Windows and I have always wanted to start a business so I figured why not a computer repair business. I am trying to figure out everything that I will need and I have run into a problem. I am sure I will come across, for example, someone with a Dell pc that does not have a recovery disk. In this situation what exactly would I do? Do I need to get a disk from every manufacturer for every version of windows? Would a basic OEM disk, for example, xp home work for any OEM pc like Dell, hp, Compaq, etc? I was just wondering what Windows disks I am going to need to have on hand so I could prepare myself and get some of this stuff in advance before I get my business up and running. Thanks in advance.
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  1. You may want to consider a business plan for YOUR business, including legal (licenses, insurance) and bookkeeping (cash flow, billing prices and rates, collections, bank accounts, taxes).

    Why not visit an existing computer repair business and talk to the owner about what equipment and software he uses on a daily basis, and the items he has to have, but only uses once a month. Most of the major PC mfrs have websites with drivers for each of their products that you can download as you need them. If you need the actual windows OEM disks, they can purchased from most of the major PC mfrs.
  2. Yes thats a good thinking before starting the business,you must be prepared with each & everything

    Hey just try with cshotline they may help you okay
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