SSD and HDD. Target Files and where I want stuff to install

Hey guys,

I recently installed an SSD and have my OS installed on it. However I want everything to be downloaded/installed onto my HDD instead of my SSD. Is there a way to try and set the default? I tried changing the target in regedit on windows but now everything I installed won't open via shortcut because of a target error. Any suggestions?

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  1. hello... there is no default setting... when you install/load a new program you must manually type in a D:\ location before the install... not such a BIG DEAL... if you dont like the current C:\ location of already installed programs... un-install such programs and install them with the new D:\ location... and your Windows and programs will run just fine from either location... Don't try to change things with regedit !!! Windows works fine if ya let it!!!
  2. Couple questions. How do I set everything back to default? (things I changed in regedit). Also my HDD is F and SSD is C. Is what letter it is an issue? Lastly, some programs do not allow you to type in the location before the install. That's why I was confused. Any ideas?

    Appreciate the help!
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    WELL... 1) load a recent "restore point" 2) un-type every thing you changed in regedit ( you did keep a accurate record of changes)? LOL... 3) right click all short cuts affected and change "properties" "Target" data... 4) reload Windows... Choose one or two of the above : )

    You can right click your drives and change the letters any time... from F: to D: but you don't have too... just so you know what drive your installing your programs to... you do this after fresh install of windows... or when you add a new hardrive to your computer... before programs are loaded to that drive... so doing it now could be confusing to existing programs and windows...

    I would like to know what programs will not let you choose a loading location? If its a operating system program/Driver I understand that... but never seen it with any of the programs I buy or use!!! Sometimes you have to chose "Custom" or "Expert" install!!! to get the option.
  4. Some games and Java did not allow. But I did do recommended instead of custom. I'll reset my things. Thanks.
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