Pentium 4 review by Intel employee

Read this article written by an Australian Intel employee who will soon lose his job.,3811,1417598^504,00.html

He even ends by saying: "So if you're considering buying a P4 as soon as possible, stop. If you must have a new computer, get a P-III or an Athlon, or even a Celeron or Duron. When P4s are available in substantially higher clock speeds and non-RDRAM motherboards are out, things may change. But at the moment the new CPU just isn't much faster than established alternatives, and it's awfully expensive."

Unfortunately for Intel, I totally agree with him
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  1. That link is broken and good luck finding a job.
  2. I think not only the poor price/performance ratio is the only thing that can hold a student back from purchasing the p4, just the price:P

    And the lack of the brand new fewhundreddollar mobos:)
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