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Hi friends,

I have a Dell Latitude E6410 laptop without backlit on keyboard. Now I want to setup a backlit keyboard by myself. My original keyboard PN is X886C.

I find two models of backlit keyboard for Latitude E6400 on ebay (no special model for 6410 can be found). They are UK717 and HT514. I see they are equipped on others' E6410s. But the seller tells me they are incompatible with X866C, which I feel pullzed by.

Do you guys have experience on this? Is a backlit keyboard that could be used on E6410 just OK for me? Or should my laptop reach some more requirements to use a backlit keyboard?

Suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. FYI...

    I bought a UK717 backlit keyboard and it works very well on my E6410.

    I believe all the keyboard models of E6400 and E6410 are compatible with each other!
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