im having problem with the right speaker, its not working at all and when i am balancing the voice rom the properties of my volume i am hearing from the left even when the balance is on the right speaker. As you told me to download the sound (AUDIO) driver from www.samsung.com i did but still problems. Please help me out with this as i know its a software issue.

The second problem i am having is with the FN key. Its working with the FN + F10, FN+ F11, FN + F12 and FN + ESC but its not leting me have control with the volume and some other options like FN + up, FN + down, FN + right, FN + left, FN+F2, FN+F3, FN+F4, FN+F5, FN+F6, FN+F7, FN+F8 and FN+F9 these all keys are are not working with the functional key.
As i am sure its not the hardware problem.
Hope to get a reply from anyone of you.
Thank you!
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  1. Go to Windows Control Panel, Sounds & Audio
  2. Thanks pal, but i already tried that ..:(
  3. EXPERTS??
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