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my laptop (HP nx6115, Windows XP SP3) is in a mess right now, i dont know what to do with it, it got a virus i believe and i haven't installed any anti virus yet, but when i am installing one, it didnt pop up like when we are installing other programs so i think that the virus is blocking it somehow, i tried to install another anti virus but same result, im trying to install it under safe mode but i got a blue screen error message, telling me that i need to do something like this and that, and computer is rebooting under normal mode,so what i did is i click run and type msconfig and check the box under safe boot,but what happened is that the computer is just restarting over and over again even is i choose any option under F8, by the way, i cannot reinstall my operating system coz the dvdrom is not working,any idea?
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  1. See if you can get a knowledgeable friend to extract your hard drive and attach it as a slave or secondary to a desktop computer that already has anti virus/anti malware installed. You may have to pay for an adapter.
  2. If you can not get someone to scan your HDD on a different machine, your best bet in this case would be Zeroing the HDD (Killdisk or something similar) and then reinstall OS. Sounds like the problem could be deeper than you think. Note that zeroing the HDD will require you being able to boot from CDRom, so I would get that one working first. You will need it either way you go.
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