Notebook Alienware Area51 M7700

I need help, I have a old notebook "Alienware Area51 M7700" and I need Install "Windows 7 64bits" but I don't found a driver for "Non-RAID" ou "RAID" mod for windows reconized my hard drive and when I try install the Sistem Operate the same not recognized my HD, note: BIOS reconized my Hard Drive and I test him.

I need help ! Please any one !!!

The website official Alienware Support have a RAID driver only for the "Windows XP" and NOT for "Windows 7 64bits".

I need HELP, PLEASE !!!
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  1. If the official Alienware website only has a RAID driver for XP then I guess that's your problem.
  2. Okay, but I need to install windows 7 64bit and there is no driver for RAID or NON RAID. What can I do?

    Thank you.
  3. Since your notebook is Alienware, the only place you can obtain official drivers is from the Alienware website.

    You will have to go there and see what is available for your model notebook.
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