no 64-bits Windows for x86-64,should AMD worried

Athlon family is highly successful and widely praised but situation will be very difference for its successor hammer.
You may not like Ms but Windows base machines will still dominate the market.

Evantually most users will move on to 64-bits.
But Ms doesn't develop 64-bits Windows for hammer
Should AMD worried?
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  1. I think the Hammer or AMD will have enough support from the people out there, MS will be forced to create an os to use.
  2. I remember a news article stating that because of trouble with the Hammer and Windows, Microsoft sent over a team of people to work with AMD.
  3. AMD has nothing to worry about. 64 bit processors have to have 2 processors on it. a 32 bit processor and a 64 bit processor. OR atleast the early 64 bit processors. There is no support for 64 bit processing yet anyways.

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  4. Anyway, with the native x86-32 instructions, you'd still be able to run older versions of windows until Unix-64 comes out or something like that!
  5. In my opinion AMD has taken a very risky and Bold statement with the Hammer. I belive AMD will eventually come out on top and that there will be a Windows based system for this chip. Though the beuty of Hammer is that it will probably be as well the fastest 32 bit procesor and also a great 64 Bit procesor. This is according to the reports from Tom Anand and other good web reviewers. Having said that Hammer will be able to run 32 bit windows perfectly.

    64 Bit processing will be at first aimed to the large corporations etc and there are many other OS's like Linux that are already being developed to take advantage of the Hammer and this area of the early market share.

    Though i personally belive Linux will make great strives in the future to gain market share in large corporation. Similar projects are on the way on a variety of flavors of Unix like OS's and others that will come to the table.

    I also read a while ago at and about MS sending people over to AMD to help creat a windows version for hammer as another posted stated.

    Why do I use LINUX ? Cause its the BEST OS
    Why do I use Windows? Cause its the BEST Nintendo..
  6. Soulreaper

    It is definitely NOT the case that a 64 bit processor needs a 32 bit processor to do the 32-bit processing. A single processor will handle both 32-bit and 64-bit apps and just switch processing modes as required.

    The is exactly what you need. The same processor does the 32-bit stuff for most people and when the OS can support it they can use the 64-bit features without having to change the CPU.

    You may be thinking about the dual core stuff mentioned about Sledgehammer. These cores would both be 64-bit processors.

  7. Suns Solaris is supporting 64 bit even now.
    But i'm not sure if its on the x86 version i know the SPARC version does. I installed Solaris it had the 64 -bit option as a checkbox disabled.. Who knows...

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  8. Sun has already publicly announced support for the 'Hammer' family. This includes a new version of x86-64 of Solaris and probably some other apps like Star Office, JDK, etc.

    AMD's introduction of x86-64 is less risky than intel's IA-64, which is a completly new instruction set. Think of it this way. AMD's expanding the x86 istruction set is similiar to when intel expanded it from x86-16 to x86-32. This was done when the 386 was introduced. The 386 was able to run the old x86-16 code, that was developed for the 286 and previous CPUs, as fast if not faster than the 286, but it could also run x86-32.

    By expanding the x86 instruction set to 64bits the 'Hammer' family will be able to natively run legacy software like win9x/DOS, current 32bit software and future 64bit software. On the other hand, intel cannnot say the same for IA-64, which is a brand new instruction set like. Thus, for 'Itanic' to run 32bit software it runs it in a sperate core that is on the same die. 'Itanic's support for 32bit software is inferior to the current Pentium!!!.


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  9. MS will not be able to ignore a chance to make money, Bill not rich for not doing the right thing. For MS to ignore the up coming AMD 64 bit would be Bill in a meeting telling the share holders that they are going to make 25% less money then they could becuase developement cost would be up .05%! Bye Bill!

    Take care!
  10. Why MS?
    Linux has stated support for the sledgehammer a time ago and at the moment i see that more and more people change to Linux. Not only in buisness, but also in privat use.

    I for myself hope that Linux will grow stronger in it's position against MS.
  11. The release of an X86-64 version of Windows may not coincide with the release of the Clawhammer, but MS will release it. Though Intel is probably working every angle it can with MS to prevent this from happening I believe the market will demand it. What's really funny, and most people may not know this, but Intel has a contingency plan for x86-64. Intel is already secretly developing it's own 64 bit x86 processor. Even if there is no 64 bit OS for the Hammer when it's released, it'll still run 32 bit OS's faster than anything else and AMD will be able to market and tout the superiority of it's 64 bit chips over Intel's lowly 32 bit processors. Eventually, Intel, lead by AMD, WILL go x86-64 just like they'll go DDR-SDRAM.
  12. Just wondering: when you have dual Cel. on 66Mhz FSB, It lefts only 33Mhz effective when both processors trying to acess memory at the same time ?
  13. Anyone asked the question - how does Windows run 16-bit old programs on a 32-bit PC?

    A similar process is used, with 32-bit programs running on 64-bit PC!

    There are more hardware switching involved - but its no big deal. AMD to their credit has improved the x86 architecture no end. Indeed the x-64 looks like the natural development of the same process that gave us 32-bit computing in the first place. Well-done AMD!!!!!

    But my question is, if AMD has forge ahead in its solution to the 64-bit challenge, how will Intel implement 64-bit computing. We know that AMD paid Billy Gates money to develop "Long-Horn" and its variants. (Not that MS was relying on AMD - market forces dictate that MS finds a new gimmick to sell more of its OS) So, how will Intel implement 64-bit? We know AMD sued MS for assisting Intel in its new attempt at 64-bit computing.
  14. wtf?

    And vista is just around the worries. 64bits will rule the world.
  16. This thread was 6 years old, omg. 8O
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