Have you upgraded to sp1?

...If you have, please check if you have the \windows\prefetch folder. After my installation of sp1 today, it disappeard and cant be found in the system (thought ms moved it or so..). I like the function and would like have it back. I didnt find anything useful hints on microsoft.com/support either...
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  1. Yes, I have it. Apparently you're supposed to clean this folder out every once in a while.

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  2. Yeah, I got it... 4.29 MB of stuff in it.

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  3. So why the heck did sp1 remove it? :-)
    Well.. I had other things bothering me so I did a clean install today anyway. Sp1 this time did not remove it so I guess it was somw weird stuff going on in the other installation.

    I dont know why people are saying to clean this folder out, cause the service itself are updating it every time you use your computer! It uses the info there to reallocate the files optimized during defrag...
  4. Same thing happened to me. Perhaps some conflicts between all the pre-SP1 updates and SP1. With a fresh install you dont get all the pre-SP1 updates and that may explain why it works.

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  5. Well, what do you know...the folder is a hidden system folder. All you need is just to unhide it. Go to your folder option in view tab, select "show all hidden files and folders" and also uncheck "hide protected operating system files". Apply it and find if the folder is there...
  6. Agreed Boot. Upgrading to SP1 reverts many XP default settings. Much Much better to clean install SP1 than upgrade to it. I had sooo many problems with upgrading. With slipstreamed XP SP1 disk, clean install, no probs :)

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  7. This was not the case for me anyway.. I hate hidden files so its the first thing I disable on any computer :-)
  8. Hidden files should be view but not for the case of protected operating system files. Sometimes with these files view, your explorer might look messy with lots of files e.g. the C drive itself with files like io.sys, ntldr, ntdetect, recycler etc. So, sometimes I’d just hide these protected files and leave the rest of the hidden files and folders shown. That makes your drive looks more organized. Again if you’re going to access those files very often, then you might want to leave it unhide all the time.
  9. i used a slipstreamed disk, however i used the repair option during the install procedure and it ugraded to sp1 and left all my software installed and no changes to settings.

  10. well.. Im so used to see all hidden files and folders after all years, I would think I miss something if I turned it off.. ;-)
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