Anyone used the Spyder 4 calibration device?


I'm looking into getting a colorimeter to calibrate my Samsung SA850 PLS and a few other displays. The Spyder 4 was released this year and it looks pretty good to me. I have my eye on the Pro version.

Can anyone tell me from personal experience if it performs well or offer an alternative solution?

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  1. for what purpose?

    if for home use then you can very well make due with the website and the software calibration from your video card

    if for professional use then you would definitely want a color calibration device. no idea if it performs well.... i would read a few reviews on it.
  2. Yes, I have at least 2 monitors that are used for commercial grade work (hence the "Pro" version).

    I have already copied an ICC profile for my PLS but I need better accuracy specific to the unit and graphics card setup.

    I have read a few reviews but it's sometimes hard to tell if they are sponsored or not, so i'm just hoping for personal experience.

    Thanks for your input, ssddx.
  3. you'd be suprised how many home users look for professional products when they dont need them. in your case you will want the higher accuracy (even though sometimes it doesnt matter).

    i agree, its hard to find good reviews at times. the best reviews are often the ones left by people who buy the products (such as on newegg, amazon, etcetera). you have to weed out the idiot responses but overall you get a general feel of the product.

    thats about all i can say..
  4. ...Still looking for the best solution. Anyone? (thx ssddx btw)
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