How To Configure AOL Dial UP Connection Manually?

AOL dial-up connection helps in enhancing the broadband connection and also ensures the safety of using broadband for internet access. Based on its features and services, it is considered as the best internet service provider for any network or computer in the world.But in recent times, a number of faulty errors and issues have been reported with the AOL dial-up connections that are causing trouble for the users.

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  1. aol dialup (ie 56k) helps in enhancing broadband ?

    total BS. the only use for an aol cd is as a coaster.

    aol has never been nor will ever be the best.

    another blatant ad.
  2. After you put in the AOL software package, follow the onscreen directions to register to the AOL software package. However, if you\'re moving to a brand new location or have signed for a broadband association, you\'ll assemble your association location to attach to the AOL service.

    If you would like to make a brand new dial-up location, scan our on-line facilitate article Delete all association locations and re detect the electronic equipment.
    If you would like to manually add a dial-up location or associate degree access range, look into the net facilitate article Manually add access phone numbers.
    If you would like to attach to the AOL service employing a high-speed association, scan our on-line facilitate article created the AOL software package to attach over a high-speed association.

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  3. Before you begin, you may want to print this article, because you must exit the AOL Desktop Software to complete the setup.

    1. On the Windows taskbar, next to the clock, right-click the AOL icon, select Connectivity, and then click AOL Dialer Settings.

    2 . Click the Modems tab.

    3 . Click the Add Modem button.

    4. In the Select Modem Type box, select the modem installed on your computer. If your modem is not listed, select UMC (Generic) V.32bis. Click the Connected to Port drop-down menu, select the correct COM from the list, and then click Save.

    5. Click Close.
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