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Hiya folks, I wanted to see if i could install at least 3G of RAM on my windows 7(64x-bit) Toshiba laptop.
I want to play an MMO game which requires a lot of RAM to be successful performance wise. My current RAM: 3.00(2.60 usable); the model of my laptop is a satellite C655D with a base rating of 2.5. Processor is 1.50 GHZ.

(My experience with my current CPU memory): It works fine on slow-paced and lower requirement applications but when it comes to massive online multiplayer games there is an extensive time to loading and the performance is horrible.

Anyone got a solution as to how I can upgrade the RAM? And if so, with my model would it be safe to add on 3G of extra CPU memory? -Answer greatly appreciated.
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  1. What is your entire make/model of the laptop?

    It should be something like Toshiba Satelite C655D - "model # here"

    Get us that and I'll see what options you have available for you.
  2. Yes, it's a Toshiba Satellite C655D-ProductVersion: 6.1.7600.16385
  3. I don't think its a RAM issue but CPU/GPU bottleneck.

    Fact is, you're trying to play games on a $300 computer, much less a laptop.
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    Loading times are due to a combination of an extremely slow processor and hard drive; poor in-game performance is due to a graphics chip with as much power as the average toaster. As much as I hate breaking this to people, you won't be able to game on a $300 desktop computer, and you can cut that in half since this is a laptop.

    You're right in that 3GB of RAM is barely enough, and more would help, IF the rest of the computer could keep up; sadly, a $300 laptop just doesn't have the power to do basically anything outside of office work and web browsing. Your memory isn't the problem; it's the processor and GPU that are dragging.

    My recommendation: Save up your pennies and buy an entire new system instead of dumping money into this one.
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  6. Well, there's no way around it I suppose. :(, thanks for the responses guys. -Didn't know my laptop was that crappy in terms of gaming instances. Got a clear message now!
  7. ^Even a $1000 laptop is going to be kinda crappy in terms of gaming. Especially in terms of MMOs.
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