Caps lock volume keys


None of my fucntion keys are working
Caps Lock, Volume, Mute, Number Lock
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  1. Firstly, why the double post?

    Secondly, Is this a desktop or laptop? Make/Model?

    Crap I can't spell today....
  2. I did not try to double post. I typed and posted and it asked me to register. Then the post appeared twice. Sorry about that, it was not intentional

    This is a lapto. Everything was working fine, and I must have hit a control button by accident
  3. Gateway/ NE56R12u
  4. Do you have an external keyboard you can plug into it?

    If so, plug it in and see if the issue happens with the external keyboard.
  5. I also noticed that this model has the 10-key pad so that helps.

    I looked over the manual for it and there are no special switches or anything.
  6. I don't have an extra keyboard to try. It was working fine earlier. I am not sure if I hit the function key several times.
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