4 system battle royal (intel vs AMD warzone)

Well i picked up the other celeron (thx to the guy's at bp6.com)

so me and my friend's wanted to know what would be better. so we maxed out are system's today!

------------TEAM INTEL (me and friend TOM)
-------------Ryan (me)-----------------tom f.
cpu------2x cel 533 @ 600------2x p2 xeon 450 1MB
mobo--------abit bp6------------ supermicro s2dgu
ram-------386 mb pc 150---------512 mb pc133(cas2)
hd----3x 18gb 10k (133mb)scsi2*----2x 40gb 7200rpm scsi2*
video----Ati Radeon 32mb ddr------CL tnt2 ultra 32mb
sound----sound blaster mp3+---------TB Santa Cruz

-----------------TEAM AMD (my friends Jeff and Paul.)
cpu----------------DURON 800------------Tbird 1.2 GHz
mobo----------------FIC az11----------------asus av7
ram---------------286 mb pc100------------286mb pc100
hd---------3x 30gb 5400 rpm ata66^---3x 60gb 7200rpm ata100^
video------CL Annihilator 2 MX(pci)----voodoo4 4500 32mb
sound------------onboard (ac97)--------Maxi Sound MUSE

what team is better?

Note: they all have CL 8x dvd, ibm 17in monitors, all are
custom made not like you babies who cant get your
hands dirty.

Note: im the only overclocker of the 4 pc's
i that the celeron overclock guide for that thank you

* = 8mb cache for hard disk- raid :^)
^ = 1mb cache for hard disk- no raid :^(
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  1. SCSI RAID team win. why dont u get a dual P3-1000 if i can afford to buy 3 10k rpm SCSI HD?
  2. depends on how you test. one on one the i think paul would mop up. however, if you average your scores to get a team score i think the intel team would come out just a little ahead on the basis of more ram and the raided hd's
  3. i just reread your first note...i'd watch who you insult. most of the people (myself included) who frequent the forum probably all built their own systems.
  4. 1. ok the bp6 can support p3's at all and i need a adaptor and i can only have 1 processor then

    2. im talking about people you say there pc is the best when they very bought it from the store and know nonthing about making it and the farest when only know is how to open a cd-rom and start windows. so i dont like there type where they make fun of my pc cause there 2 celerons and i have put 4 week into making fast as could be and know every part by heart. yesterday i put on a new 2400uf 10v cap on to replace my ec10. A jerk today told me to sell it cause his dell rules. That made me very angry cause it took me 1hour to replace the cap and then to be insulted. then i asked him how many -(ns)- his ddr-ram in is a his geforce card was? he answered me by what is -(ns)-. so i dont like that type i hoped i answered your comment. it very personal with my pc week of hard work and i wont let it be made fun of.
  5. It always pays to know how the system is put together. It was actually my saving grace, you could say, in the earlier days. "You're running a 386?? Dude, you are so lost, get with it. You can't do anything with that." For an aspiring Engineer, what could you do? Only know how the darn thing worked and was put together. Now who's the king, baby?

    I understand what rcf84 is saying. I don't think he meant any harm to the bunch of us. Just came out wrong, that's all.

    As for which system will rule, it depends on what you're after. A 3d accelerator intensive game would obviously fair better on the systems geared towards it.
    Here's an idea, though an obvious massive undertaking. Why not swap the parts between you guys to get a super system and bench that?

    ~Hand built AMD T-Bird at 800, built with my own blood and sweat, literally. :)

    The Jolly Wizened Oaf!
  6. well i didn't mean to insult you either i just think you misplaced your soapbox is all. if you're happy with your system and you put it together for whatever you consider a reasonable price, more power to you (i realize that's an over used phrase but i couldn't think of anything else). even if someone can get ahold of a cheaper/better system than one that was custom built they're not going to know how to tweak it and they certainly not going to have the knowledge that someone who puts their own box together is. it's comparing apples and oranges (another overused/lame phrase). we're the ones who build their pretty pre-fab systems so i don't see why anything they say should bother you.
  7. dell computers are bought by babies :wink: . I'm a former bp6 owner and this board rulez!!! I hate to say it but recently I converted myself to AMD and bought me a TBird 900 + ABIT KT7R. I must say I'm pleased with my switch to AMD but I miss the "dual feeling"... can't wait till those AMD smp boards are for sale...
    I think the bp6 setup has a good chance to outperform the rest (given that you run win2k) but I think it won't stand a chance against an AMD dual setup...

    :cool: Visit me at <A HREF="http://casemod.tripod.com" target="_new">http://casemod.tripod.com</A> :cool:
  8. I think the most poeple that wisit this forum had built
    their own Computers. I've never bought a full pc only
    parts. Hell i take a part my PC ever other week and look inside and thinking how more can i tweak it !
    And i`m talking of:
    Asus TX97-XE K6-2 500@450 (due to the slow memory unable to bare 83FSB) V2, Ati 3d rage pro 2
    IBM 25GP 32 sdram (66) (4 clock if any body remembers)

    Hell we are all here because we like building PCs.

    -<font color=red><b>R.K.</b></font color=red>
  9. Even though some have SCSI RAID, Paul is the clear winner thus far. Pick up a ABIT KT7-RAID and a 1.2ghz athlon. Get 4 ultra/100 IDE hard drives and RAID-0 them together. GET a total of 512mb of pc133 ram, and blow Paul outa the race.

    "upgrading is no longer an option...it's a necessity"
    Visit www.elitehunters.com
    --SoulReaper =)
  10. It would be nice to check the FPU performance on the Xeon system and the 1.2 Ghz Athlon system.. I think the 1.2ghz would smoke the 2x xeon's due to athlons superior fpu performance. Still the systems looks kinda odd to me.. I'm used to buy midrange pieces of hardware (550 mhz K7) Pc100 mem, ATA 66 Hdd at 7200RPM and so forth (still using Matrox G400 single head)... But now I've got a nice christmas bonus coming my way and are going to waste (and it's really a waste since I can wait 1 month to the prices drop, but what the hell it's christmas)an awfull lot of money on the fastest Gf2 Ultra card out there (gainward ultra 500) and 256mb PC133 Cas2 ram and 1.2Ghz AMD.. and it's going to cost me arround 1750$ just for those things (also getting an A7V w/ATA100 (I've got a IBM 75GXP 75GB drive so..).. one rule I broke was to be sensible.. I'm not being that buying these parts.. I'ld join the 4 systems.. still I guess that's not an option.. the Xeon sys is a typical server to me.. Aww.. ALLWAYS BUILD YOUR OWN PC, anything else is suicidal.

  11. You tell em Jolly.

    I have built ever single computer I have own. I would agree that most people come to toms and this forum becuase they build there own.

    I have forgotten more about assembling computers then those pups will ever learn. Now I'm starting to show my age.:>)
    Back in my day, putting the 10MB 500lb harddrive took three people and one of those car engine lifts.
    Everthing we did was harder back in those days, but thats what made us strong and proud.

    Kids today have tom's to talk them through ever step. It was all up hill for us back then and when we got to the top of the hill, there was no sled to ride back down, no sir!

    This is what I wil tell my daughter when she's putting her first computer together! AMD of coarse!

    Take care.
  12. Having bought PC's and built my own, I much prefer building them. I think my biggest issue was back in the day when I order my K6-2 box, and that was around the time the TNT came out and Socket7 boards were all having trouble with the TNT card. I had to call up the people who were building my computer and walk them through how to update the drivers so that my computer would post. damn waste of my time. So now I refuse to let anyone in my family buy another computer, I'd rather have to commute home to fix it, than have to deal with some idiot in Tech Support.
  13. hahahahah..i see you guys had an eventful friday night
  14. this setup seems a little weird to me..and a little lopsided
    as well.

    TEAM INTEL is using better and more ram + raided hard drives + better video cards than TEAM AMD. On top of that, they both have dual procs + the Xeons have 1MB of cache.

    On the other hand, TEAM AMD is faster cpus...

    What kind of benchmarks did you run to declare the winner?

    Intel Components, AMD Components... all made in Taiwan!
  15. ouch, this a old post

    Nice Intel and AMD users get a Cookie.... :smile: Yummy :smile:
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