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I was wondering if i run a 750 AMD T-bird with an Abit KT7 Motherboard would I have to buy memory that is PC133? The cpus runs at 133 right? Do u think this is a good combo or are there any other suggestions?
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  1. Nope, you can use PC100. But, make sure it is of good quality.
    PC133 makes everything so much nicer but do what you can afford.
  2. You're talking AMD here. For now, all TBird's still run on 100MHz DDR FSB (yeah I know, there are already 133MHz versions but then we're talking about 1.2GHz+ cpu's). The 750 MHz Tb is configured 7.5*100, this means you could use PC100. But it's better to buy PC133, so you can take advantage of the HClk+PCIClk (which is 100+33 = 133MHz) option of the kt133 chipset.
    Conclusion : if you already have PC100 memory, you can use it, if not , buy PC133 memory (It costs almost the same price)and it makes a difference in speed!!!

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  3. Do you have any suggestions on what board to use? I'm not a big gamer just into DVD and and other media files.

  4. I am running an AMD 850Mhz TBird on an ABit KT7 with PC100 memory and it works great. Absolutely no problems getting it up and running.
  5. If you want to run your bios setting for the memory at 4-way interleave, and your CPU at fast, the get micron cas 2 pc-133 memory. Don't scrimp on the important things. Also, I found that when overclocking( my tb800mhz is running stable at 1.1ghz), you will need the good memory.
  6. For the mainboard you have 2 serious options : The Abit KT7-(RAID) or the Asus K7V

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