How to turn on the wifi on gateway nv53 laptop

is the wifi automatically turned on with the gateway nv53 (windows 7)laptop? if not how do you turn it on?
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  1. If it's a recent model it may have either a physical switch (usually on case edge, side or front) or via an Fn key combination (sometimes one of the Fn keys has a little antenna symbol).

    Otherwise read the manual -- older models tended to leave wireless on by default but it could be switched off in Windows.
  2. thanks a lot fihart. you're right. it was there all along under the screen. now i know what that button is for. great tip. :) :D
  3. What I did for the gateway laptop- go to Control Panel. Device and Printers. Device manager. Network adapters. ×whatevername×wireless network adapter. Advanced. AdHoc 11n. Then under Value I clicked enable.
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