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I would like to upgrade to a higher CPU for overclocking than what I have now. I would like to know what I should buy. I want to keep my
M/B Abit BH6 V1.01 SS-BIOS........
I currently am running a PII-300@504.....
thanks for answering
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  1. If i remember correctly the highest you can go on that motherboard is a 700mhz slot 1. But with a bios update you might be able to hit 850. Check out "" for your bios updates.

    "upgrading is no longer an's a necessity"
    --SoulReaper =)
  2. I would stay with what you have unless you want to upgrade your motherboard also. I would not recommend going to a celeron since you will be limiting yourself because of the pitiful FSB and non-existant cache. The PII 300 was the best processor for overclocking (as far as Intel goes), you won't get any better than that. If you want to do some serious overclocking I would go with a Duron but you will need a new board for that. The T-birds don't overclock much......but they do. You can overclock a Duron 650 to 950. Although with the prices coming down on the T-birds and the Duron's, it might be better to just outright buy the faster processor and not overclock.........yeah right. Sorry, momentary laps of sanity. Anyway a Duron 600 is about $65.00 now. The Asus A7V (socket A) is about $159.00. You make the call, but if you stick with that motherboard I would stay with the overclock PII 300 or get a PII 450 or 500 and increase the FSB if that motherboard will allow it. I'm not sure about the specs on that board.
  3. I would go with either the 566 or 600 Celeron II, but make sure they are the new cCo stepping. Alot of 600 celerons are hitting the 1 ghz mark with little ease.

    I am running the same MB as you are. I have been running stable at 952 with my 566 celeron, with the Golden Orb, Abit Slotket, and at 1.75 volts. I can even get all the way into windows @ 1054. Go with an Abit Slotket III with the golden Orb fan. Most bang for your buck considering you only have to change your CPU.

  4. Thanks for the replys.
    I ordered a new 600 cCO celeron and a Golden Orb today, I hope to be at 900+ soon...........

    Dohhh... If you could explain the settings for the celeron I would appreciate it, since I have never been on that side of Intel.

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  5. Sure.

    Leave all the jumpers on your slotket set to auto, make sure the jumper that selects the kind of CPU is set for the celeron not for the PIII(Copermine).
    Since you are using the latest bios already, just drop the slotket in with cpu and cooler on, and boot. Go directly into the bios, make sure voltage is correct (1.7v). Turn off speed hold error, change AGP divider to 2/3 (AGP/CLK).

    2/3 = 2x's mode
    1/1 = 1x's mode

    Here is a link to bios tips

    You should be able to change your fsb directly to 100, and boot. My bro just got the 600 cC0, same setup as mine and yours,, booted right to 900 default voltage. He is up to 928 now @ 1.75v. He has not tried to go higher, but it should no prob.

    If you need further settings, reply back and I can give them to you. Also, if you are having probs, list your entire system specs pls.

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