How to backup using SSD in windows 7?

I was told that backing up to do a system restore on an SSD is really easy. I just installed my SSD and put on a few programs.

Is this the only way to backup/system restore for an SSD?

The reason I got confused was because some forums talk about using programs such as Acronis True Image to backup/system restore.

How do I create an image so that I can do a system restore if needed? Or what is the best way with an SSD?

Thanks :)
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  1. The article you referred to explains how to backup your Windows installation using the tools provided in Windows 7. You need another hard drive (eg an external hard drive) for Windows to write the disk-image backup file to.

    Alternatively you can use third-party backup software to create the disk-image. The principal is the same but third-party software provides more options and allows you to create the disk-image inside a suitably-named folder, something which Windows Backup & Restore does not let you do as it insists on writing the disk-image to the root of the external drive.
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    Backing up an SSD is the same as an HDD.

    What type of backup are you looking for? A full system image? Software/Programs? Documents?

    At any rate I use Clonezilla as it is free and backs up exactly what I need and saves it to an image file that I can store in Iron Mountain.

    I use Tuxboot which will download and install a bootable partition to a USB drive if you have one around.


    You can Google "How to use Clonezilla" and you will find clear and concise guides to backing up your data.

    You will need a secondary storage equal to or greater than your HDD you are backing up.

    You can compress the image to save space for storing backups at different times. You can backup individual partitions or a full disk image.

    Best of luck!
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