Removing old video drivers that arent needed

I replaced my ati video card but when I tried to remove the drivers with the add/remove option it kept giving me an error and could not remove the ati display driver. I finally erased the folder manually. I'm now using a Geforce card,but every time I start up my machine it gives me an error message saying that the ati driver cannot be found so it can not be loaded.
My question is what do I delete so it will stop trying to load this driver and where do i go to delete it
thank you.
Win 98se

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  1. do a search of the c: drive for ati*.* this should list most of the ati related files also run msconfig and uncheck any ati related programs in the startup folder

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  2. I'm glad someone asked this question, because I'm soon going to have to do the same thing....GF card is in the mail, to replace my ATI. I'm not a big fan of having to remove drivers. They have a tendency to hang around :mad:
  3. You should do this in Device Managerin in System Properties. See if removing your display device helps...


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  4. Go to c:/windows/inf/other
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