New comp any suggestions??

Here's what I'm thinking for a portable gaming computer running WinME

Leadtek Winfast GeForce2 GTS 64MB (already got one, won't mind having another) $319

ASUS A7V-M Micro-ATX w/onboard NIC if possible (When I find someone who's selling it) ??$120??

AMD T-Bird 1100MHz $341

Promise ATA-100 controller card $27

SB Live Value (got the Platinum this machine don't need it) $36

Kenwood 72x truex $82

Yamaha crw2100ez IDE 16x write (It'll be a burner when its home) $259

256 MB of Crucial PC 133 CAS2 RAM (I think this is about right for what I'm gonna use it for) $198

All inside an Inwin T515 Micro-ATX with a Turbo Cool 300 watt ps about $140

This comes to about $1500 or $1600 for a very potent little machine. Any comments reccomendations??

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  1. Sorry I forgot a Hard drive.

    IBM 7200 rpm ata/100 60GB $277

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  2. 2 suggestions:

    1) don't do is only gross bloatware. Go for Win98SE or Win2k.

    2) skip the micro-ATX case...too small and no air circulation.

    Otherwise, great looking system.
  3. hop on the SCSI train!!!
    get some 5-figure RPM to go with that 4-figure CPU.

    Y0u 7h1nk 7h@7 y0u c@n fr0n7 wh3n r3v31@710n c0m35?
  4. I got an A7V and t-bird 1000 mhz and it runs like crap in Win2K I have ME installed on a 750 and believe it or not I like it. Its noticably more stable than SE and 3D games always run worse in Win2K. Some of the other inwin micros ive been looking at have surprisingly nice thermals oh and the key word is "PORTABLE"

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  5. Sounds good to me. Only one thing, your sound card. SB Live Value supports 4.1 system. Your future PC is a little monster, maybe you will change your choice for SB X-gamer (supports 5.1) or maybe even Platinum 5.1. What do you think?

    Overall, I liked your choice. Good luck :cool:
  6. if you want a small PC this is where AMD is inferier to intel (im an AMD user) I would have to say that if you get a micro ATX motherboard and Case buy that same geforce but get a pentium 3 it half a wattage thus less heat. As someone said about the micro ATX case having low ventilation that should not be a problem with the pentium.

    Most micro case contain a week power supply 200 watt max this is fine for pentium but it will blow up with a thunderbird. a nice 933 pentium is good enough less fans noise etc.
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