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can i get lap with 2 gb graphic card with low cost
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  1. I doubt it, you only need 2GB of VRAM (Video Random Access Memory) if your laptop (or monitor) has a resolution of 2560 x 1600, I'm not even sure if you can get a laptop with that resoltion and if you can then im sure it would be extremely expensive.

    Quite a few people have this idea that more VRAM makes a graphics card more powerful, but thats not always the case. The graphics card will only use the amount of memory it needs.

    So say for example you buy a laptop with a 2GB graphics card and whilst your playing games it only uses 800MB of VRAM then your 2GB card is as slow as the 1GB equivalent, So you would have payed more money for no increase in performance.
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  3. I agree with the others, as depending on your use, you'll rarely need anything with 2GB's of VRAM. As mentioned, the GTX 480m has 2GB, but it will cost you a lot of money to find a laptop with the chip in it. The Radeon 5870m only has 1GB of VRAM, but it is a high performance chip as well and will cost you plenty.

    What is your planned use for the laptop?
  4. i am having d same doubt.. if it's d game dats gonna use the vram abv 1gb, thn what.. is dis gonna happen.
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