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I ordered a ASUS A7V motherboard from an online shop and I'm about to send it back for the second time for a replacement. When I try to boot up the board with a athlon tb 700, with micron pc133 128m 7.5ns sdram, and a 16m apg graphics card. The system is giving me a short beep followed by a long beep continuously. The manual says that it means the board doesn't recognize the memory. I have tried the memory in a PIII machine and it worked fine so I know its not the memory. Anyone have any ideas how I can troubleshoot this problem, because at the moment I'm out of ideas except sending it back to get a replacement again. Please let me know if you have similiar problems. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Try out some other memory to see if that works. If not replace the motherboard, if it does work with other RAM, just replace the RAM.

    Do you get a video signal? Can you see anything on the monitor like the bios telling you what processor you have. If you can't see anything on the monitor, try reseating your video card.

    good Luck
  2. I do get a green light right below the video card but my monitor is blank. Doesn't the board need to recognize the memory before it can boot? I didn't mention it in the 1st post but I have also tried micron pc100 128m and micron pc100 64m and neither works either.

    Is it possible that my 250W power supply does not produce enough power?

    Thank you for your quick response.

  3. Its your video card, its not in the AGP slot correctly.
    Make sure it is seated completely and evenly in the slot.
    If you really believe its in the slot properly, try another video card.
  4. So you are saying that if the video card in good and placed in correctly and even without any memory at all the monitor will show the initial DOS boot up screen? This would be great news if you are correct because i will save time and money not sending the board back. Please verify. Thank you for your help again.

  5. no, you certainly need ram to boot up, however, you have tried two motherboards and several chips of RAM that all work in other computers. From this, I would conclude that it is not your RAM or motherboard. Maybe you would have this problem with one motherboard but to have this same problem on two brand new boards is extremely unlikely.
    I have encountered this beeping problem with no video that you described and it was because either the video card was not in the AGP slot correctly or the video cable was not attached to the card correctly.
    If there is no video signal at all, I would look at the video card before the RAM.
    I have never tried it but if you booted up with no RAM or bad RAM I would imagine that the initial bios screen would at least give you an error saying that there is no ram detected or that it is damaged.
    But there should be some kind of video signal.

    Maybe tonight after I get home from work I will try booting up my junk computer with no ram to see what happens.
  6. Thank you for all your help, you have provided me with some good ideas, I will try all different configurations you have suggested.

  7. I would be surprised if it was the Micron memory. They are fast and reliable, unless the module got zapped.
  8. Bubba's got a good point about the video card. In particular, I had a similar problem. When I checked the video card one side of it was not in completely. I unscrewed the card from the chassis and reseated it. I reinserted the screw and found that the card just doesn't fit properly so that everytime I began to tighten the screw the card would unseat on the one side.

    On a seperate occasion, I found that my Athlon CPU worked its way out after I halled my computer for a LAN party...

    Good luck!
  9. Flyboy,
    I had that exact same problem.
    I fixed it by slightly bending the metal plate where you put in the screw. But anyone who tries this, please be careful.
  10. Okay, I tried booting my junk computer with no ram in it and quess what? It didn't boot. But more importantly, it did not give a video signal to the monitor. So, the original problem in this thread is still unsolved. It is probably not the ram because you have tried it in other systems and you have tried multiple chips. Try reseating the video card better and see if this helps. If not, try putting the video card in another computer to see if it works. If not then get a new card. If the video card does work in another computer, then send back your motherboard for a third time and give the guy who sold it to you hell.

    Sorry I couldn't help more.
  11. The chances of you getting two bad mobos is roughly 1 in 64,532. The mobo might be being installed wrong. Make sure you do it over vinyl or tile NOT ON CARPET. Also, be sure to ground yourself. Plug in the power supply, and touch it for 20 seconds. If changing the video card doesnt work, then it just may be that your mobo is not compatible with your ram. Just cause it has mnicron chips doesn't mean it's micron, I've learned this the hard way. Athlon systems are notorious for not liking ram.

    Just my 2 cents...
  12. I have an older asus p2b mb, and when i was installing a new hard drive i once got the same problem; a short beep followed by a long beep and no video signal. In that case, it was caused by the video card not being seated properly; the HD power cable was applying pressure. so maybe the problem is with the video card.
  13. For a list of the bios beep codes check page 45 of your manual
    I believe you will find it is the video card causing the trouble
  14. Drop your FSB to 100mhz in the bios this worked for my A7V.

  15. Sorry forgot to say in my last post I used some PC100 mem to boot my box and reset the FSB , short of this reset the Bios to default settings (can't remeber how to do this but it should be in the man)

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