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Gt425 vs HD 5650???

hi, I'm looking for a moderate 700-1000 dollar priced rig, and I noticed that a great deal of the laptops offered either the 5650 or gt 425
my question is, which is better? :(
sorry I'm a noob, and by the way, I'll mostly be playing Starcraft 2

I'm looking at this
buying within the next two months or so
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  1. HD5650
    For $1000 you can build a much more powerful desktop computer.
  2. that's the problem you see, i move around a lot, and need a laptop for me to play on the go
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    well you could go for this alienware laptop.
  4. +1 on the M11x! avoid the ones with Optimus though................
  5. ^
    nice suggestion
  6. hmm...
    that is a choice, but i don't think that's very money-efficient when compared to a sager.
    yeah the brand isn't as popular, but i think dell is kinda overpriced...
    i would really perfer hp...
    i don't think that will run starcraft 2 on high quality anyway...
    am i seeing this right?
    gt 330 is better than both of them!?
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