Red colour is absent in microtech crt monitor

sir my crt monitor facing a problem in which red colour is disappear and other two colour is ok . somtimes red colour present and again disappear .
Sir please guide me what problem in crt hardwere
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  1. Re-connect your video cable.
  2. but sir there were no video cable problem
  3. bharatchauhan said:
    but sir there were no video cable problem

    If not the cable, the connectors on the monitor or the computer. Only time you get a missing color is if the pins that work with that color do not make a connection. Try a new cable if you re-seated yours. It "may" be the monitor but it's way more likely it's the connections. Try a new monitor. If that monitor works with the same cable, then the monitor is bad. For a CRT it's probably not worth repairing unless you know how to open up the connector at least and check it for issues.
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