Can I connect a USB printer to the USB printserver port on a router using an eth

I have a router with a USB print server port in one room, and a USB printer in another room.

Ethernet plugs by the router and in the other room (with the printer) enable a non wireless computer to be cabled to the router. However, I'd like to know if I can I use those same ethernet plugs, with ethernet-usb adapters (one at the router end and one at the printer end), to connect my printer to the printserver on the router via the ethernet (telephone line) connection between the rooms. Would that work?
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  1. Short answer, no, because most USB/Ethernet adapters will only work to provide a network connection for a PC.

    Also, USB signals must be in a shielded wire, and Ethernet cable is normally not shielded.
  2. Thanks. Meantime, I have found (and today bought) an adapter made for this purpose. (See So far it, works if I use a long ethernet (CAT5E) cable between the printer & router, but it doesn't work via the ethernet wall plugs that use the telephone lines.

    So maybe that means the telephone lines aren't shielded (?). Another reason it might not be working is because the max. cable length it works for is 150 feet & I don't know what the routing is through the walls along the existing telephone lines that were originally installed just for telephone.

    I'll keep exploring to see if I come up with either a solution or an answer. Any other suggestions would be welcome.
  3. The link pasted above doesn't seem to work, so I'll re do it this way and you'll have to edit out the spaces. extender-over-cat5e-cat6- connection- 150ft-p-21441. html
  4. Interesting . . . I had never seen those before.
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