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CPU upgrade, or Video Card Upgrade?

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November 19, 2000 2:41:17 PM

Current System: PIII 500, Tekram P6Pro-A+ Mainboard, Creative Annihilator Pro, 320mb of RAM.

What would be the better upgrade (for 3d-accelerated games):

A.)New PIII 866 processor (and if so, what's the best mainboard?)


C.)Something else all-together.

D.)Don't upgrade. Nothing will give me that big of a performance increase from my current specs.
November 19, 2000 2:47:41 PM

I guess I would have to say the processor upgrade would be better but with that system, what games are you having trouble playing?
November 19, 2000 2:53:20 PM

IMHO.. the processor upgrade would do more fo you all around.

Neither is really hurting yet, but the Difference between 500mhz and 866mhz will make more of a difference in your everyday computing life then the increase in video performance.

Question: If you have to buy a new motherboard why not go for a socketA board and a Thunderbird, or a Duron? You will be able to buy a much higher speed CPU for the same price of the 866 PIII.

Duron 650@896
128MB pc133@149cas2
Antect s1030/sblive+
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November 19, 2000 7:38:00 PM

Processor. You have a GeForce already and it's no use buying EVERY generation of graphic card that comes around! ( ie, wait until the NV20 before thinking about that) You CPU tho is what you could work on. Are you an Intel loyalist? If so, go for an Asus CUSL2 mobo and a 866 PIII or something like that. If you do not care about brand and want performance, go for a Asus A7V with a 1Ghz athlon tb. ( hey, it's always cool to call you friends and ask them if they want to drool in front of your 1ghz pc... ;) 
November 20, 2000 10:54:08 AM

My advice is to sell that system...take what money you get and buy an Athlon T-Bird with an ABIT KT7 motherboard and get a Geforce 1 or 2. That would be your best move over the long run.

"upgrading is no longer an's a necessity"
--SoulReaper =)
November 21, 2000 3:33:12 PM

Can't really agree with you there, peeps. If you have read a few benchmarks on video cards, you can't have avoided to see that the only way to improve gaming performnce these days is too buy a better video card. At least if you want to play at 32-but 1024 and above. Like Anandtech said when testing the P4: "At 1024 x 768 x 32, once again, we're limited by the memory bandwidth of our test GeForce2 GTS. This illustrates both the need for a more efficient memory subsystem when it comes to today's graphics cards, and it also illustrates that you don't need to have a 1.5GHz processor to run at these high resolutions, a 500 - 600MHz processor will do the job almost as well."

November 21, 2000 3:35:30 PM

Hmmm... 32-but = 32-bit =)

And, btw... i would go for the D) option... at least for a while

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November 21, 2000 4:32:27 PM

Get a TBird 1 Gig which cost about the same as PIII866, make sure have some good cooling and you will be a happy man. I have a PIII866 on CULS2 and a TBird 1Gig, the TBird alot faster machine. Setup wise, the PIII866 + CUSL2 give me lots of problem as compare to TBird + A7V ( no problem at all from setting up the hardware to software installation + 100% Stable ). Pay some attention for the the cooling part you will be fine.

All the while i was using Intel CPU (from 8088, 286... PIII667 to PIII866, until recently i bought a Tbird 1Gig. Frankly speaking i get the most satisfaction out of this Tbird as for its price and performance.

Be a Happy TBird owner!!!
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November 21, 2000 6:12:01 PM

The guy asks us what he would do with those options.... as I would agree with most of you, the T-Bird is my CPU of Choice.... but personally.....

I'd stay with D.

and the infamous quote

"You win 32,000."
November 21, 2000 10:59:18 PM

As loyal as I am to AMD you are being misled, Obviosly cost is a factor or you would buy both correct? To upgrade to an AMD Tbird would also require a new motherboard thus making this not a very cost effective solution at all. You did leave out a bit of information as to the make of your motherboard ( can you run 133 mhz bus?) but the processor solution is the most cost effective I reccomend trying out the p3-750 which is still more than enough for todays games.