upgrading... maybe?

I'm in a bit of a dillema... currently im using a p3 500 with 256 megs of pc 100 SDRAM, graphics card is a Annihilator Pro, all on an Aopen motherboard. Im wondering if it's time to upgrade as the prices on thunderbirds have really gone down. I would like to get a board that suppports the DDR-SDRAM as well as the thunderbird but i am a little bit confused as to which ones do and where i can buy DDR-SDRAM and what kind of prices it is going for. Right now i am looking at going up to the T-Bird 1000mhz.

Any opinions?

Kajo out-
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  1. Right now DDR is not available to the average person. It can be purchased on a testing basis, but I have no idea where. It should be out REALLY soon... i'd say within a couple weeks. Esp. with the launch of the P4. DDR boards are however available- but only with the AMD 760 chipset.

    -MP Jesse
  2. The DDR boards are being produced currently should become available by end of this month. This being the christmas season they probaly wont stick on shelves long. They should be out in full force from most all venders by January.
  3. I just found some DDR Memory, go to www.crucial.com and you can purchase it on a developer basis. I just bought 128 megs of P2100 DDR RAM. My board is on the way too =)

    -MP Jesse
  4. You will love it! Im running a Gigabyte & Micron DDR combo @1.2Ghz. Good luck pressing DELETE to get into the bios, you have maybe 1 sec!

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  5. DDR motherboard won't be available until next year. Here's a hint. Buy DDR ram now, because when DDR motherboards come out...EVERYONE is going to be buying it, and ram prices are going to sky-rocket.

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