My razer deathadder is dieing

Hi so recently my razer deathadder is starting to die and won't register for a moment about every few seconds which is really messing up my FPS movements and also my clothpad from STEELSERIES is starting to wear thin also, but both of them have lasted me 1 1/2 year so im decently happy with them. I have a budget of $40 for a mouse and mousepad what do you guys recommend?

I was thinking of this:
Who knew that Gigabyte made a good mouse lmao.

Anyways i made this in a hurry but could you guys help me for that best answer! Thanks!
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  1. i have a razer deathadder at least that old that still works perfect. perhaps you have a defective one or it was dropped. its nothing to see a mouse work for 5-6+ years.

    do yourself a favor and just buy a cheap $5 cloth/rubber-foam mousepad. anything else is just throwing money into the wind.

    the only real suggestion would be a logitech g-series mouse. personally i wouldnt go with a mouse made by a company that doesnt specialize in perepherals.
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