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So just when I was ready to pull the trigger on a new laptop gaming/general use laptop Dell comes out with a new XPS line.

They have the XPS 15
Stainless finish
JBL speakers
Nvidia 420M
7200 RPM drives all standard

Upgrades allow 435M 2GB for $100.00

Starts at 849.00 .....

Thoughts on these?
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  1. Its a good choice but within your budget,you can buy notebooks with HD 5650M which is more powerful than GT 420M.
  2. I was looking at the Sager NP5135 (Built on Clevo B5130M) which has a 425M I can price that out at about the same price point....

    But for the money that 799 toshiba with the i5 and 5650 is going to probably do pretty well.....
  3. Yes,the Toshiba one is a great deal.Its cheaper and has better specs
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