Kingston SSD 64gb w/laptop upgrade kit

I was researching for a ssd for a tm2t laptop that I am going to buy here soon.
And I was looking at this Kingston 64gb ssd and it seems very promising.

What I wanted to know is, it comes with a clone software, so I could transfer Windows 7 and the whole shabang over to the ssd. So I figured I would put the ssd in the laptop and use the the 500gb HD that comes with it into the the usb dock thing that comes with the ssd kit.

What I wanted to know is if you think 64gb's is enough for a a laptop.
My current laptop says 12gb free of 75, and it contains Vista home 32bit, CS4, MS Office, and several other sort of high gb programs.

So I am concerned I will need more than 64 for all my programs, because I didn't want to put programs on an external drive.
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  1. Well from what you said your current setup is using 63G, so after the 64G SSD is formatted you might have like 60-62G so your already to big to fit on the SSD. A 64G drive is a waste of time and money. The only time I would recommend one is for a boot drive only, but in a laptop that dont make sense.

    And since you dont have the laptop yet, I assume your going to clone from the PC you have now? Forget it, it wont work without tons of issues. It will have 100s of drivers/registrys from the old machine and cause nothing but problems.

    Your best bet is to use Laplink PC mover if you need your old stuff on the new PC.
  2. cool, but I was talking about clonging the new hp laptops hd to sdd.
    But if I do this it is going to be way down the line because I was calculating
    how much its going to cost and how much for upgrades I will have,
    and I wanted to get it stockwith 4gb's 1 dimm and buy one from newegg, but
    I will probably just buy the whol 8gbs so the the 2 dimms match.

    I just wanted to make sure my laptop ran as fast as possible, I know the videos I saw were of the tm2t or tm2 when it had the intel core duo, so if I get the new i5 470 along with 8gb's, I am sure to have a super duper fast laptop that isn't that sluggish.

    I guess down the road I will consider a 128bit or something but for now 64 is just pushing it.
    I should have all the cash within 2 months! But my Dell 1210 is a big load of garbage so this new tm2t is going to be 10x better with out a SSD!
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