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I'm in need of getting rid of my desktop and I want to switch over to a notebook full-time. The problem I have is that I need to run 6 displays! I know Matrox has their triple head solution and I could buy 2 of those but I can't find a notebook that has 2 display port connectors. I also realize that Digital Tigers has an external solution for me but that is $2K, anyone have any other ideas? Know of any notebooks with dual port connectors?
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  1. I don't believe that there are any laptops or even mobile work stations out there that can run 6 displays. If there is, chances are that is will cost you a lot more than it's worth. If 6 displays is a must for you, I'd stick with a desktop.
  2. Yeah I know having 6 sounds like over kill but with stock trading like I do, you get spoiled having so many. I've decided on a Matrox triple head solution for $300 from NewEgg that will allow me to run 4 (3 plus the laptop). I made sure I bought an i5 notebook with dedicated graphics memory so I'm hoping that will do the trick. I wont get the Matrox box for a few days so I'm keeping me fingers crossed. Going down to 4 monitors sounds like I'm spoiled but it will be tough ....

    Thanks for your note
  3. Seems like a waste to me if its even possible. Nothing beats a desktop for stock trading. Your better off keeping a desktop, and getting a cheap notebook/net book for when you need to be mobile.
  4. I hear you but I travel too much with the full time job to not have what I need on the road
  5. Understandable. It's hard to get the best of both worlds unfortunately yet. What laptop did you go with?
  6. First post here. This seems like an old thread but I think I found a solution to do EXACTLY what you are talking about.
    Get a USB 10-port hub and get 6 USB to DVI converters. I have only done that with 2, but I think I read it should support up to 6. Not sure if it will be fast enough with 6 monitors, there are USB 3.0 solutions that might be better. I had no problem doing 2 and was shocked that I was even able to watch YouTube videos on it.
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