Lexmark e120 - Dirty smudge lines on certain parts of paper.

Hi everyone,

I have a Lexmark e120n printer, have not used it for a few weeks. it is a monochrome laserjet printer.
it is having dirty smudges, lines in the middle. it seems to be a repeating pattern. i have already cleaned the toner, the roller in the back. but it is still there. attached is a picture of the line. anyone having had to deal with such an issue?
A few advice would really be appreciated.

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  1. from the picture it looks like a worn out fuser roller (the hot rollers in the rear). Does the mark have a texture to it? can you feel it? if so, then its definitely the fuser. If there is no texture/roughness to the marks, then it is your photoconductor unit. No point cleaning anything, it will need replacement.
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