Dell XPS 14 or 15 (Sacrifice CPU or Resolution)?

So I'm considering either the new Dell XPS 14 or the Dell XPS 15 laptops

Both come with the NVIDIA 420 video card which appeal to my very casual gaming and HD content viewing.
FYI - I am an HD junky

After personal configuration, they both roughly come to be the same price, however....

I'm more or less faced with the following decisions:

A) Dell XPS 14
- Core I5 460
- 14" 720p display
- 4gb RAM
- 500gb 7200rpm internal drive
- free 320gb mobile drive


B) Dell XPS 15
- Core I3
- 15" 1080p display
- 4gb RAM
- 320gb 7200rpm internal drive
- no free mobile drive

I know it comes down to personal preference, but I guess it really comes down to what I want to sacrifice: CPU or Display Resolution

Any thoughts? What would you sacrifice?
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  1. Also bear in mind that I'm trying to keep my price point around $1000 cdn
  2. Well,full HD resolution makes everything extremely small on a 15" screen.So IMO go with XPS 14 which has a faster CPU.
  3. I would get the 15" with 720p resolution and the i5 its a nicer box than the 14" version and is actually cheaper configured with an i5 and 720p than the 14" at least it is right now.... $849.00 USD with the 420m i5 460 m and 720p resolution
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