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Hello all before I start I just want to say that I don't really know much about computers. My uncles offered to get me a new computer and I need help on deciding what to put in it the maximum he can spend is £400 exactly any less would be ideal i've been looking online and i've found this on this link there is a computer with parts already there and you can change parts when you go on the link it says that the price is £289.99 im thinking to make the cpu a
AMD Llano A8 3870K it comes with a Integrated AMD Radeon HD 6550D Graphics when that changes the price is £330.69 but if I put one of the graphics cards with it goes over £400 so what i was thinking is that i get the comoputer with the AMD Llano A8 3870K and then later get the radeon 6770.

I want to use the computer for gaming for games such as Minecraft, MW3, BF3 and skyrim and a few others would this be a good system?
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  1. Oh alright thanks for the help
  2. For Minecraft, yes; for BF3, probably not.
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