Looking for knowlegeable persons

I am looking for some knowledgeable persons for tech writings. Can anyone suggest where I can find one ?
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  1. Could you elaborate a bit more, "tech writings" ?
  2. blakwidowrsa said:
    Could you elaborate a bit more, "tech writings" ?

    I think it's code for "I'm in completely over my head in this programming class and I need someone to do my assignments for me"
  3. lol , lol , lol....

    It's a bit much to ask someone else to do it FOR you. Whats the problem ?
  4. I think that you should find someone who can make you to understand the topic so that you can solve assignment yourself.
  5. why don't you search in internet I except this no one can give you best help.
  6. :bounce:

    They say you should give a man a Fishing-rod
    ...when he asks for ...
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